6 dead, 72 wounded: partial assessment of a terrible road crash involving a band of rara in Jacmel.

© Photo : Ketlain Difficile
A terrible traffic accident caused the death of six people including four on the spot at the Meyer bridge, a locality of the commune of Jacmel, this Saturday, April 16, 2022 around 11:30 pm.

A truck carrying a band of musicians and its fans called «Rara inonsan» has capsized. They returned from a rara festivity in Breman, locality of Jacmel, and went to their base in «Timouyaj» in the commune of Cayes-Jacmel.

At Meyer, the driver of the speeding truck, tried to dodge another band of rara on the road and capsized, according to Frantz Magellan Pierre-Louis, secretary general of " Delegation du Sud-est"

Mr. Pierre-Louis, who made the findings on site, believes that the vehicle carried too many passengers and that the driver lacked experience.

Of the victims, 4 died on the scene. Two others passed away from life to death afterwards. Seventeen of the 72 injured were taken to hospital with head injuries. Six are fractured in the upper or lower limbs, according to Mr. Pierre-Louis, citing the medical director of the Saint-Michel hospital in Jacmel.

Unable to provide care to all the wounded, the hospital decided to transfer the 17 victims of head trauma to the capital, Port-au-Prince, according to the authorities of the South-East department.

Emmanuel Pucot Paul